Everything we do

  • We believe in exploring and developing individual style

  • We believe life is made better by movement and music

  • We believe in practicing multiple styles

We do this by creating experiences that change lives

Dance to anything, with anyone, anywhere.  Learn fundamental skills for expressing the music you love to share with friends and strangers alike.  Choose from a variety of dance styles taught by fantastic instructors.  Learn to connect with others around you and be as much a part of the experience as the musicians themselves.  Walk away knowing that you can find common ground and celebrate the unique style and rhythm of any partner.

We are here to spread dance and music.
To empower people in safety and expression.
To encourage the discovery of dance styles that better capture an individuals spirit.
To enable people to use movement as a way of telling their own story.

The best dancer in the room is you.
The best partner is the one you're dancing with.
The best music is the song that's playing right now.

In every class students practice both leading and following.  Giving us all an opportunity to experiment.  Maybe you've never tried to lead, to follow, danced tango, blues, or west coast swing, or even jumped into martial arts.  City In Motion is your chance to try new things, to find something you want more of, and especially find new inspiration in the familiar.


City In Motion is a love letter to anyone I have and will ever dance or train with, and it’s your space to share your own excitement!. Come and inspire someone, the way you all have inspired me.

When I started the groundwork to create City In Motion, I wanted to give everyone a chance to have those incredibly impactful moments that had affected me. I couldn’t think a better way to thank everyone who has touched my life over a decade of movement than sharing what I had learned. So I set out to make an event where anyone can experience all that I appreciate about moving, training, and celebrating with others. If you took a chance and came to the very first event in January 2015 I am eternally grateful. And if you want to thank me and the rest of our amazing staff that put so much passion and work in, thank us by inviting friends; thank us by talking about what you loved about City In Motion.
— Philip

Budget Allocation January 2016